The Rec Room is a private childcare centre that has been in operation since September 1999. We are licensed by the Ministry of Education, Child Care Quality Assurance & Licensing Branch, and are regulated under the Child Care Early Years Act 2014.

The Centre is located in Mimico Adult Learning Centre, a non-operating Toronto District School Board building, in the heart of the Mimico Community. The Centre runs its programs out of five classrooms and the gymnasium. For outdoor play, the children have the use of a soccer field and a fenced-in playground. The majority of children that enroll in Rec Room’s programs attend John English JMS and St. Leo Catholic School.

The Rec Room is licensed for 180 children. The Centre currently employs a staff of 9 qualified teachers (6 Registered Early Childhood Educators, 3 Child & Youth Workers) and 7 assistants.


We believe that every child, given a safe, rich, and responsive environment, is excited to learn. Children learn best through play, their natural language. It is their work, highly absorbing and a very serious activity. It leads them to enquire, to explore, to experiment, and thus, allow them to acquire new information about the world, about themselves and about their relationships.

Play stimulates curiosity and our role is to encourage and foster this curiosity to create learning opportunities. By providing our children with a positive and supportive environment we prod our children along, giving them the opportunity and the confidence to connect with each other and to contribute to their “work” space. In so doing, they learn to express their feelings and, with the guidance of the staff, learn to regulate their emotions.

It is the child’s interests and curiosity that forms the basis for our program. Intentional planning in the areas of social and emotional awareness, gross and fine motor skills, cognitive development, and language and literacy skills revolves around staff observation and documentation of the children’s interest. The program is developed and adapted to meet the needs of children, giving them opportunities to explore their ideas and engage with their peers and teachers in a safe and healthy environment.

We believe that providing optimal learning experience for our children necessitates constant evaluation of our staff and the effectiveness of our program planning, as well as, interaction with the parents. It also means giving our staff the support and the opportunity to continuously upgrade their skills.

We endeavour to support positive and responsive interactions with our many stakeholders. We recognize that we live in a diverse and multicultural society, where we wish to ensure that children and families of all races, religions, cultures and abilities are treated with respect and consideration. To this end, we work to build a trusting partnership with our families and to engage our community partners in a collaborative effort to provide additional support for our staff and families.


Rec Room staff must meet the basic requirements as set out in the Day Nurseries Act. This includes:

Teaching qualifications

  • Early Childhood Education Diploma - ECEs must be 
registered with the College of ECEs
  • Child & Youth Worker Certificate (with Director's 
  • Rec Leadership Certificate (with Director's Approval)
  • Assistants having experience working with children

Health & Safety

  • Full medical check-up
  • Satisfactory Police Reference Check (every 5 years)
  • First Aid course and CPR training (every 3 years)

Professional Development

Staff are encouraged to attend workshops and seminars to enhance their professional skills.  These workshops include health and safety issues, program planning & programming ideas, and behaviour management techniques that support the principles of Best Practices.
Staff are required to review all of the Centre's policies at least once a year, or as required.  Staff's behaviour management practices and child awareness are monitored on an on-going basis.


Monday to Friday - 7:00 am to 6:00 pm


Holidays, PA Days & Breaks

The following chart has been compiled to assist you in your childcare planning.  Please read the Terms & Conditions [on Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten & School-age programs] for information on how these days may impact your childcare fee and your child’s attendance at the Centre.  Please take note of the following: